Why Mainsail

We partner with companies that don’t need
our money, but they do want our help.

Our dedicated operations team operates as an extension of your team, collaborating
with you to achieve a shared goal - to grow your company.

We have built a team specifically structured to help bootstrapped companies succeed.  We work alongside your team to solve problems and create value through best practice sharing across our portfolio companies, recommending proven technology solutions and onsite engagements at the strategic and project level.  Our dedicated team leverages vast experience in the critical areas that fast growing companies often need the most help, including sales, marketing, technology infrastructure, talent management, financial reporting and corporate development.

Operational Expertise Chart

Strategy and Mentorship

Mainsail Partners will take a meaningful role on your board, where we can lend a unique perspective to your team and make a significant difference. We can help you recruit board members who have relevant industry experience and valuable contacts. We’ll work closely with your executives to set clear strategies and plan for long-term growth, using our experience and leadership to guide decision-making. When the need arises, we’ll tap into our network to get advice, initiate corporate development opportunities, and share best practices. Our agenda is simple – to provide you with the guidance and support you need to build a strong, thriving company.

Sales and Marketing

You built your company by investing efficiently in sales and marketing.  We don’t believe that should change.  But if you want to compete with better resourced companies you need to scale these efforts.  We can help you do so without sacrificing the financial discipline you’ve demonstrated to get you this far.  We’ll work with you to improve planning and sales strategies, recruit sales teams, implement CRM systems, and define optimal commission structures. We can help you develop and implement lead generation plans and establish the proper reporting to create ROI-focused sales and marketing programs.

Technology and Operations

We believe technology-based infrastructure is critical to improving scalability and efficiency – and ultimately, to increasing the value of your company. We have helped the management teams at nearly every one of our portfolio companies upgrade or overhaul their information technology systems.  Our extensive experience selecting and implementing technology solutions will help you avoid costly mistakes. We can also help optimize, scale or expand your operations in a number of other areas such as; outsourcing call centers, improving back office systems and sourcing vendors to deal with administrative issues such as legal and insurance.

Talent Management and Recruiting

Recruiting and managing top talent is critical at any company, but especially at small growing companies where a bad hiring decision can be crippling. You face difficult decisions: Should you hire a CMO or a Director of Marketing? Where do you find good engineers? How do you structure your sales organization for optimal performance?  We have an experienced team to help you answer these questions and others so you can build an effective team to support accelerating growth.  We start by working with you to develop a hiring plan, laying out where and how to scale your organization. Next, we help you profile ideal candidates to inform your expectations and guide decision-making.  Finally, we help you identify and recruit the best talent, whether it’s through our own global network or one of our recommended recruiting partners’.  In addition to recruiting, we can augment your human resources initiatives.  This includes a variety of activities such as sharing best practices for onboarding new team members and providing benchmark compensation data to ensure you are competitive in the marketplace.

Finance and Corporate Development

It is our strong belief that in high-growth companies the function of financial management can add significant value to the strategic planning process, investment decision-making and ultimately the bottom line.  This begins with having the right people and technology in place.  We work closely with our companies to recruit top talent and ensure the person leading this important function has the proper experience and background to manage growth effectively.  We also help our companies upgrade their accounting and financial systems to ensure they are benefiting from the latest technologies to effectively track and report on key metrics.  We provide KPI templates, best practices, budget process input and hands-on support to help our companies streamline reporting to facilitate better decision-making.  We also assist our partners in establishing banking relationships and lines of credit, and provide guidance and support in the process of audits. Finally, our extensive industry contacts and proprietary database of companies helps us identify strategic partnerships and potential acquisition targets.