Why Mainsail

Building great companies begins with
having the right team on your side.

We are more than investors and advisors. We are former CEO’s, senior
executives and entrepreneurs, working alongside your team to help you grow.

Mainsail Partners is a growth equity firm that excels in building bootstrapped businesses into market leading companies. We have raised over $750M in committed capital from top institutions, endowments, executives and entrepreneurs.  We invest in growing and profitable companies led by strong entrepreneurs and management teams.

Our team has extensive experience building companies across multiple industries. Mainsail’s dedicated operations team works alongside your team to overcome the challenges that come with growth. We respect what you have built, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your maximum potential.

Why Mainsail?

Focus on bootstrapped companies

Bootstrapped companies are unique and face specific challenges owed to their disciplined approach to growth.  We help companies like yours anticipate and overcome obstacles to growth such as underinvestment in sales and marketing, incomplete management teams, outdated technology and infrastructure, and lack of actionable financial reporting.  Our exclusive focus on bootstrapped companies has generated expertise and resources specifically relevant for helping companies like yours grow.

Active approach to company-building

Starting a company and scaling a company require two very different skillsets.  Some entrepreneurs are great at both.  But more often than not, we find that founders would benefit from having a partner who has experience scaling companies.  Our team consists of former CEO’s, senior executives and entrepreneurs who have successfully built companies.  We operate as an extension of your team, providing strategic planning and guidance, as well as tactical execution, to help you avoid costly mistakes and succeed in the next phase of growth.

Large and valuable network

We understand the value of people networks for growing companies.  Whether it’s making your next key management hire, looking for an expert in a particular area or sourcing a critical business development or sales deal, connections can be the difference between success and failure.  Mainsail has a large network of talented executives and experts across most industries and functions.  We leverage our network every day to give our partners a competitive advantage.

Partners with integrity

Integrity and ethics are the foundation of our business, but more importantly they are the foundation of our individual team members.  We pledge to treat everyone – including entrepreneurs, intermediaries, investors and employees – with respect and fairness. Our reputation is our greatest asset, a value that underpins everything we do.